Blockchain Consulting

Truly Independent Cloud, Platform and Protocol design thinking and analysis. Start with the end in mind asking: Where should this be deployed? At what costs, with what benefits and with what sacrifices? What is my best ROI?

Digital Transformation (IoT, ML, AI)

Blockchain often is best when combined with other technologies. Intelligent systems capable of deep learning has the power to reduce middle office FTE’s, with dramatically higher throughput.

Custom Tools for Rapid PoC Development

DocBloxs Intelligent OCR and deep learning.
Enterprise Blockchain Certified (EBC) Accelerate sales and service cycles with Dapps-Inc.’s suite of enterprise-grade CRM decentralized apps.

Platforms, Accelerators/Connectors

In collaboration with our partners we offer a library of connectors, accelerators and enterprise-grade platform building blocks for quick assembly of custom solutions.

Multi Cloud, Platform & Protocol

We develop on the most popular enterprise clouds and platforms with the most popular Blockchains and Clouds: Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Ethereum, Quorum, Stellar, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, AWS, Alibaba.

Product Delivery

When you are ready to deploy to production, we have an experienced team of veterans.